14 August 2020
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About the Library of Health Faculty

1- History of the Library

The library of the faculty of health was established in July 1993. At the beginning, the majority of the books in the library were brought from the Faculty of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Pharmacy and former Health Education Center . Sustained efforts and effective communication with faculty members and students paved the way for taking effective measures to enrich the library collection. Officials’ broad support helped to enrich the collection especially in the section of Latin books. The library used to have only one room and the storage section and circulation desk were located in the same room. But with the opening of the main building of Health Faculty, the library enjoyed several separate rooms and halls with enough space for each section.

2- General Information about the Library

A) The total number of books and journals

1)    Books: total number of books is 10930, of which 7110 books are in Persian and 3820 books in Latin.

2)    Journals: total number of journals is 160, of which 84 journals are in Persian and 76 journals in Latin.

B) Library rules and regulations

1-  Membership: each member of the faculty as well as the students and the staff of the faculty may apply for the library membership by providing a personal photo and filling the registration form.

2- Circulation policies


2-1.  Theses and student projects may not be borrowed

2-2.  Reference books and journals may not be borrowed

2-3.  There is a limitation in borrowing the first edition books

2-4.  The book loan period is 15 days which can be renewed if necessary

2-5.  Each student may borrow a maximum of 3 books in every turn

2-6.  Non-faculty clients may use the library services only if approved by library authorities.


C) Working Hours

ü Saturdays to Wednesdays: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ü Thursdays: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

3- The Staff

There are currently 3 active librarians:

Ø Head of the library: Ms. Zahra Fathifar, MA in Librarianship and Medical Information

Ø Librarian in charge: Mr. Masoud Ghasemi,  BA in Librarianship and Medical Information

Ø Librarian: Seyyed Hossein Hosseini, BA in English Translation Studies


4- Library Classification System

The library uses an open system enabling the students to choose and use any needed book. The library’s classification system is a combination of N.L.M and L.C systems.


5- The Library’s Subject Headings

The Following headings are available in Persian and English: family health, occupational health, environmental health, statistics and epidemiology, water and wastewater engineering, ergonomics, management, healthcare facilities management, nutrition and food industry, physiology, biochemistry as well as supplementary books for Associate, Master and PhD candidates.

Currently, searching for books, journals, theses and CDs on the website of health faculty is available.

Facilities of the Library and Computer Room

1) 750 books in foreign languages

2) 1400 books in Persian

3) 76 international journals

4) 56 national magazines

5) 78 masters and 18 PhD theses

6) online access to various sites, such as Ovid, JAMA, Black well, Elsevier and ...

7) PC and printer

LAN system has been available in this faculty since 1999. All the students and the staff may use the internet and computer services for research and educational purposes.

Setting up separate computer rooms for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students is another facility provided by the Faculty of Health.