29 May 2023
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  Department of Occupational Health

The Department of Occupational Health began its activities by offering undergraduate courses in 2009. The mission of the department is scientific and practical participation in providing, maintaining and promoting the health of the workforce nationwide. Currently, the department is offering 3 fields; Occupational Health Engineering (undergraduate and postgraduate), Ergonomics (postgraduate and PhD) and Health, Safety & Environment Engineering (postgraduate). The latter’s classes are held jointly with the department of Environmental Health Engineering.

    All members of the department believe that through teamwork, mutual respect and effective friendship with each other and students, by avoiding any discrimination in educational, research and administrative activities, they will make their best effort to participate and cooperate in achieving the goals of the department.

     In 2025, Occupational Health Engineering Department should be a qualified, talented and scientific-educational body training expert manpower through postgraduate and PhD programs in Professional Health Engineering and related sub disciplines.

Laboratory Facilities and Equipment

The laboratories of the department of Occupational Health Engineering include the following sections: chemical, physical, safety, ventilation and ergonomics.


Laboratory of Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

Students learn about the tools used in sampling chemical hazards in the workplace (including gases, vapors and dust). The students also learn how to calibrate flow meter and VU meter, how to work with different types of detectors and sampling tubes, application of filters and holders in the workplace, how to use absorber tube, Cyclones and impinger.