29 May 2023
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  Department of Health Education and Promotion

The Department of Health Education and Promotion was established in 2008 as part of the Department of Public Health and Health Care Management at the Faculty of Health & Nutrition.

Following its recognition as an independent body in 2010, the department’s title was changed to Health Education and Promotion. The ultimate goal of the department is to utilize the best educational practices to assist local and international communities to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The department is committed to integrating evidence-based approach in teaching and learning processes to help students have successful performance in their future career. In addition to undergraduate general courses in the field of Public Health, the department offers postgraduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) courses in fields of Health Education and Promotion and Elderly Health. The majority of courses start in October, though some begin in February.

In postgraduate courses every student is assigned a supervisor, who is responsible for guiding the student’s projects. Also, at least one advisor provides the students with assistance and general guidance in research project of their theses. Postgraduate courses in the department are combination of theoretical courses and conducting an independent research project under the guidance of supervisors. At the end of each course at the postgraduate level, the students must develop a thesis based on conducted research plan and defend it in a live session. Students who are accepted to study at PhD level are not considered official PhD students in the first two years of the course and they may continue their study provided that they succeed in a comprehensive test which is a combination of written and oral tests to assess students’ academic qualifications.

List of Academic Disciplines Related to Health and Health Promotion:

Bachelor’s in Public Health

Undergraduate Courses


Master’s in Health Education and Promotion

Postgraduate Courses


Master’s in Elderly Health

Community Oriented Medical Education (E-learning)

PhD in Health Education and Health Promotion

PhD in Gerontology