29 May 2023
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Facilities of the Faculty

The facilities include water and wastewater laboratories, water and waste water microbiology and drawing room. There are also 3 computer rooms (public and specialized) for MSc and PhD students. The faculty is involved in various research and educational activities. Road Accidents Research Center and Student Research Center are located in the faculty. The library and computer rooms are available for the staff and students and all faculty members have access to the internet.

Educational facilities of the faculty:

- Available national and international academic journals:

Health Faculty has access to online full-text journal systems such as: Science Direct -Elsevier Science, Rose-net, Medline springer link, PubMed and so on.

- Computer, Medline, Online Medline

Health Faculty and Department of Environmental Health Engineering have full online access to all scientific databases such as: Science Direct -Elsevier Science, Rose-net, Medline springer link, PubMed and so on. The department’s exclusive website and computer is available for PhD students.

Access link: http://researchvice.tbzmed.ac.ir/?PageID=99

-Audio-visual equipment such as projectors and slides, overhead and...

All audio-visual equipment such as projectors, slides and overhead are available for use and all classrooms are equipped with a PowerPoint device.

Facilities of the Library and Computer Room

1) 750 books in foreign languages

2) 1400 books in Persian

3) 76 international journals

4) 56 national magazines

5) 78 masters and 18 PhD theses

6) online access to various sites, such as Ovid, JAMA, Black well, Elsevier and ...

7) PC and printer

LAN system has been available in this faculty since 1999. All the students and the staff may use the internet and computer services for research and educational purposes.

Setting up separate computer rooms for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students is another facility provided by the Faculty of Health.