29 May 2023
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  About Department of Education

Department of Education is the administrative unit of Health Faculty which is responsible for the following affairs: initial student registration; course selection; issuing student card; setting the curriculum; inviting teachers; planning exam schedule and communicating it to the relevant teachers; adding and removing course units; monitoring classes and receiving regular absenteeism report and acting according to the rules whenever necessary; receiving and evaluating students’ transcripts and controlling their scores and announcing top students and students on probation; taking necessary measures in the case of students’ requests; dealing with tasks related to educational leave, quit, transfer and change of major; dealing with guest students; issuing certificate of enrollment; matters relating to statistics; introducing students to other faculties to attend some training courses; introducing students to Physical Education department; providing teachers with college tuition contract form; collecting, controlling and sending documents to educational administration department; providing students with clearance certificate whenever necessary; delivering certificate of graduation to students; dealing with all matters related to students’ graduation such as: keeping a record and controlling of transcripts; filling forms and attaching documents; introducing students to projects and military service organization; responding to students’ educational issues.